“Someone has to succeed. There’s no reason why it why shouldn’t it be me.”

A couple weeks ago, I found myself hanging out with one of my closest friends, having a conversation that I’ve been having a lot of lately. We talked for a while, but eventually, it came down to success in life and worthiness.

She began to explain to me how she was worried about a job application she was working on which, as a soon-to-be college graduate, is a feeling I know all too well. She explained how it was something she wanted bad— like real bad. So bad, in fact, she expressed that she felt this need for it in her bones (another feeling I could relate to.)

Being anxious about things like job applications and interviews is just a fact of life, but I could tell that she needed a little positive encouragement before hitting that submit button. So, I shared with her my favorite affirmation for this kind of situation and she ended up finding it really helpful.

And I wanted to share it with you.

When all else fails and I’m deep in the trenches of doubt, I always turn to a quote from actress Janet McTeer:

“Someone has to succeed. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be me.”

It’s a simple notion but one that we forget too easily in our day to day lives. We’re so quick to compare ourselves to others and discredit our worth that we forget our value.

After I reminded my friend of this, I immediately saw a glimmer in her eye as she remembered just how amazing (and legitimately qualified) she is. And I can honestly say, I’ve never seen someone hit a submit button so confidently before.

So remember, it’s human to doubt yourself, but it’s inhumane to live in that perpetual state of doubt. As Jen Sincero taught us, you are a badass, so don’t you forget it.

And as for my friend, she got the job this past Tuesday.